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How To Improve Your Eyesight

Short Review on Eyesight Improvement

If you came to this blog, it means that you or just someone that you know has eyesight problems and is currently searching for methods or ways or techniques (call them as you wish) on how to improve your eyesight. In most of the cases, people are not aware of the exercises that have been developed even from ancient times in order to help others make their vision better and succeed in various activities of life. Everyone knows that having a weak vision means being unable to do certain things - and that is not something that you have to bear with. There is a need for change. The eyeglasses and contact lenses that most of you wear are a huge industry but those aren't going to help you rebuild your vision. You need to see that basics and you need to understand that by putting those on your nose you aren't improving or helping your eyesight become better - all you do is lie to yourself. This is not the method to we use to improve our eyesight.

As a matter of fact, the methods that we are going to talk about in this post and generally on this blog have been developed for more then one hundred years already but people just didn't have the time (why not?) to look at them and analyze. First of all these issues have been partially banned from the scientific world and secondly and one of the most wide spread reasons why this is going no where is the fact that people are lazy and instead of trying from the bottom or their heart to try and do something and experiment all they do is just waste time and a lot of money on worthless products like eyeglasses and contact lenses that aren't something that is solving the problem. If your current need is to improve your vision then you need to better your eyesight and not dream about something that won't be realistic to you for the time being. Putting on those eyeglasses won't lead to anything good - in fact, if you are wearing eyeglasses your entire life you are going to feel from time to time that your vision is becoming weaker and weaker until it is extinct. From that point of view there is nothing wrong with becoming one with the nature and it's someone's final days. We are not intending too scare anyone of you... all we want to say is that you need to make certain decisions right now and to make certain commitments that are going to help you solve some kind of problems. Because we are going to repeat once more - wearing eyeglasses is not an option, not even an alternative. It is a crime to the whole humanity.

We have discussed in our previous articles too about how things work at a higher level when you start performing and practicing these exercises daily. More people are going to feel the benefits of those exercises and if you are not one of them yet we recommend that you do take place among our readers and friends and just stick to the topic until something useful is really going on here. Okay, as we stated before the methods that we are going to "reveal" here (it's not revealing because it is very old and those who understand what we know have some idea) is the Bates method of eyesight improvement.

He reached the conclusion that people are going to achieve a much better chance of their vision to become better if they don't wear eyeglasses. For the first time it might seem a little bit difficult but when it comes to a certain extent you can actually see that it is better then nothing. When you are wearing eyeglasses the muscles of the eyes are quite stressed and there is nothing you can do to help them or make those better. It is something that we don't recommend at all. Get rid of your eyeglasses and contact lenses. This needs to be the first priority in your head for the future knowledge here. People should understand the benefits of relying on natural ways to improve eyesight and glasses aren't a natural way to do it.

How to improve your eyesight if you have no idea what vision improvement is all about? For all those that just start out in this program we highly recommend that you find all the possible resources that were written by mister Bates and just read them. Give them a try. Mr. Bates has a lot of followers but in most of the cases these are just those people that apply the same old methods but have some tweaks here and there. It doesn't matter how slow you go, you need to find something and do it daily. If your vision is totally bad, use your eyeglasses to read at least something (a few pages) a day. Don't overdo it. Let them rest. How to give your eyes a rest if you are spending much time reading or in front of your computer. Well, there are some interesting methods that we personally use and one of the best is just closing your eyes and imagining that you are breathing with them. Take a deep breath and count till 3 or 5 them exhale and do the same. Imagine that your eyes are targeting in new energy through every breath that you do. The eyesight energy healing is not something that most of people believe in but it is going to be pretty good even though people don't understand it and another major problem even more dangerous is the fact that they even don't try to - well that is much more complicated.

The second highly used by us method to improve eyesight is that kind of stuff that you often do just to to rest your eyes. In fact everything that you do on daily bases while not wearing eyeglasses and performing regularly is going to have a small tiny impact in the overall process of eyesight improvement. And that is the key in this big game. We are talking about blinking. When you are reading much or working a lot in front of your computer you feel a lot of unwanted tension in your eyes and you don't know what to do about it. Close your eyes will you. Let them rest a bit. Use your fingers to massage them on the surface. Don't over do it. It doesn't have to be something that requires a lot of pressure of hard working. Relax, everything has to be done and seem naturally. This is the only way that it is going to work and help you rebuild your vision.

Blink, all is going to be fine. More to come in the next post tomorrow. We hope that you recover your vision in the upcoming year! We are going to show you how to improve your eyesight!
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